Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a great couple of days off together. We did TONS of shopping (both online and at the stores) and are now ready for Christmas! When not shopping, we made sure to do plenty of relaxing... and playing!

The three of us spent Thanksgiving day lounging and cooking together. We did lots of block building and book reading too. Owen has recently begun to attempt to build with his blocks instead of always just knocking them over. It's neat to see his mind working, trying to figure out how to put the blocks on top of one another. Sometimes he get's it, but usually he ends up knocking everything down anyway. He's also shown a real interest in books lately too. His favorites are Good Night Moon and Good Night Vermont. We read them about 6 times each per day (no exaggerations) and Mommy and Daddy can both recite them without looking at the pages. We are looking forward to Christmas when Santa hopefully brings him some new ones to add to our pile.

Black Friday has always been a day of shopping for me. In the last few years, Ben had gotten into it too, but we had to figure out a new routine this year. I woke up at 4 am and headed out the door to join the crowds at Target and Kohl's. I was back before 7 am, and found Owen and Ben still sleeping! As quiet as I could, I made them breakfast and put my goodies away. It was such a great way to spend the morning; shopping and surprising my two favorite boys with a hot breakfast! We relaxed and played for most of the day, but did go out for round 2 of shopping later in the afternoon.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Owen enjoying his first Thanksgiving dinner

Our Thanksgiving weekend wouldn't be complete without a walk to the playground.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Feels Like Spring... in November!

It was a beautiful day today! 70 degrees on the 14th of November! We took advantage of the weather (and the fact that Owen refused to take his afternoon nap) and took a walk to the playground. Owen really loves the swings. He could hang out there all day. They playground is perched in the center of our community, so there is a lot of activity. He can watch all the kids play, and of course, point to each and every airplane that goes overhead.... and there are many! Today we not only spent time on the swings, but we also brought Owen over to the slide and other ride on toys. Watching him play on the toys made us realize how big he has gotten in the last 10 months. Less than 2 months til our baby is a year old!!

Here are our pics from today's adventure!

Owen's Great Aunt Diane gave him a book months before his arrival. Good Night Moon is now his favorite book (I swear we read it about 5 times a day). While at the playground, Owen spotted the moon and pointed it out to Daddy.

Owen and Daddy took a trip down the slide!

Owen loved this car, which sits on a single spring. It teeters side to side, and back and forth. Hold on tight!